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“The difference in my hearing and all of my communication was amazing!”

“Puretone Provides Top-Notch Service! I highly recommend the services of Roger and Nick Garcia. They know their product and they know what it means to truly provide patient service. After fitting me with the Pulse ReSound Hearing Aid System, the difference in my hearing and all of my communication was amazing. Things came to life again. If you’re looking for professional advice and a proper hearing-aid fitting, just give a to Puretone. They stand behind their products, and are also alway ready to help with any needed follow-up questions or adjustment.”

Warren H.

“I am thankful for their services!”

“My Faith in the Medical Profession is Restored! I am on Medicaid and will be 80 years old in October. Roger and Nick Garcia of Puretone Hearing Aid Center recently came to my home to fit me with the new hearing aids. They tested me and then came back to fit me – and then returned yet again just to be certain that my aids were comfortable for me. They made a point to be sure everything was right, and took time to answer all of my questions. What an unusual but wonderful thing to meet folks in the medical profession who give a patient their undivided attention for as long as needed! Prior to my experience with Puretone, I had decided that people don’t really care about senior citizens. Roger and Nick Garcia truly restored my faith in the medical profession! How Proud I am to know them, and how thankful I am for their services.”

Betty J.

“Roger Garcia greatly improved my life!”

“Such a Help to Me – and to Those Around Me! Background noises are no longer distracting or annoying! I still cannot believe the things I am now hearing, after over five years of not hearing them, in both professional and personal settings. My visit to Puretone Hearing Aid Center to see Roger Garcia greatly improved my life – and the lives of those around me!”

Geraldine M.

“I had more confidence in a crowd, and at work!”

“I’ve Never Made a Better Investment! When I first moved to Marshall from West Texas, I has a pair of ear canal hearing aids, but they were not really powerful enough for my hearing deficit. Within a month of being in my new position at Good Shepard Medical Center, I began noticing that co-workers’ speech sounded distorted. With the feedback in my ears from the aids I then had, I could barely understand what was being said to me. I was desperate to have my aids calibrated! I looked in the phone book for a professional who could hopefully help me – and I was lucky enough to have chosen Roger Garcia’s office at Puretone Hearing Aid Center. Roger found a way to see me that very day. He treated me like an old friend, calibrated my hearing aids, and also let me test a stronger pair of aids (The Pulse, by GN ReSound) – at no trial cost to me! The trial days provided by Roger allowed me to experience the unbelievable quality difference in technology between my old aids and The Pulse. Those days were priceless. Within less than a week, I was truly impressed. I could hear clearly! I had no distractions in either ear! I had more confidence in a crowd, and at work! Suffice it to say that I ultimately purchased The Pulse – and it was absolutely the investment I ever made! To anyone who has any concern that their hearing is not what it could or should be – take my advice: GO SEE ROGER GARCIA AT THE PURETONE FOR A NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION TEST AND DEMO. You may not yet know all that your ears are missing! ”

Ron S.


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“My quality of life has improved immensely!”

“I Couldn’t Be More Pleased! My name is Cecil Forester, and I have has a severe hearing Problem for more than 12 years. I’d tried hearing aids on three different occasions over those years, but I was never satisfied with the fit or the quality of the product. I went to Puretone Hearing Aid Center nearly four years ago, and after a comprehensive hearing evaluation with Roger Garcia, he fitted me with the new “open-ear technology” by ReSound. These behind-the-ear aids are extremely comfortable, almost invisible, and are the perfect technology for my hearing problem. Since I got my new hearing aids, my quality of life has improved immensely – and my wife is also one very happy camper about it all!”

Cecil F.

“Such a wonderful difference in my communications!”

“What a Wonderful Difference! Roger Garcia at Puretone tested and fit me with the new Pulse Resound Hearing Aid System. It has made such a wonderful difference in my communications with customers, colleagues, co-workers, family, and friends – in professional settings, at public events, in church, and even in casual conversations. Thank you, Roger for greatly improving my daily life!”

Jim B.

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.